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Using a Wysiwyg Forms with Seesaw and Clojure

March 20th, 2012 No comments

At Clojure/West I mentioned that it was pretty easy to use forms built with wysiwyg UI editors seamlessly with Seesaw. I added an example and a section to the wiki that describes building a simple form with WindowBuilder in Eclipse. The basic principle should apply equally well to the ui tools in NetBeans and IntelliJ.

For someone that knows CounterClockwise well (that doesn’t describe me), I imagine the setup would be even more pleasant since changes to forms could be reused immediately from Clojure code without leaving Eclipse.

Finally, because everyone likes screenshots:

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Best of ClojureWest 2012

March 19th, 2012 5 comments

I sat down to go over my Clojure/West notes and write some thoughts. An hour later, I had several long paragraphs and had only covered two talks. Clearly this process wasn’t going to scale. So I pondered a bit on how to express the awesomeness of Clojure/West without writing “War and Peace”. Based on a couple tweets I saw, I settled on a “Best of” approach.

Doing it this way is deeply shallow (?!) and silly. Hopefully, it’s also more fun than paragraphs of my incoherent ramblings on Datomic.

So, in rough chronological order, my “Best of Clojure/West 2012”:

All (most) of the slides for Clojure/West can be found on github. If you get “blob is too big” for a file, you’ll have to clone the repo and view locally :(

As a three-track conference, I missed at least 2/3 of the awesomeness of Clojure/West. What were your “Best of” moments?

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